Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Comprehensive School and Community Treatment

Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) collaborates with public school districts to provide a school and community-based mental health program offering behavioral intervention, group, individual and family therapy to children with a qualifying mental health diagnosis.  CSCT clients receive an intensive level of care which includes a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet their mental health needs and support improved functioning within the school, family and community.

Home Support Services

An intensive in-home, family-focused program for children and adolescents who experience serious social, emotional and behavioral challenges.  The overall goal of this program is to help parents and children learn skills to effectively manage and reduce challenging behaviors so that the child can function more effectively in the home, school and community. A Family Support Specialist consults with parents, children, and other professionals to create a customized treatment plan to fit the needs of the family, helping them learn important skills and concepts at their own pace and in their own home.

Individual and Family Counseling

Licensed professional counselors/social workers provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents and their families.  Counseling is provided within a family systems context with specialized treatment for seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. Outpatient psychotherapy may include individual and/or group therapy operating within the continuum of care offered by Western Montana Mental Health Center and following best practice models for short term, solution focused psychotherapy based upon clear and identifiable clinical needs.

Psychiatric/Medication Services

Managing emotional and behavioral challenges is a team effort and appropriate use of medication may be an important component.  Our psychiatric staff, who are made up of both (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN’s) and psychiatrists, are able to assess, prescribe, and monitor clients who may need medication, and they provide education to both the client and their family members.   These staff members also collaborate with the treatment team to provide ongoing assessment and monitoring of moods and behaviors related to medication needs.

Therapeutic Youth Group Home/Sinopah House (Kalispell)

An 8-bed, community-based therapeutic group home for girls with serious emotional and behavioral disorders who are ages 11-17 and may be dealing with issues of abuse, neglect, trauma, and/or family difficulties.  The program provides individual, group and family therapy within a safe, structured therapeutic milieu with the goal of family reunification, independent living, or placement in foster care.

Flathead Youth Crisis Diversion (Kalispell)

Provides resources to youth and families in crisis so that mental health hospitalization can be avoided.  Crisis services through the project include crisis case management, mental health assessment, and, if necessary, crisis placement in shelter care or therapeutic foster care.  Crisis services are provided to Flathead youth regardless of income or reimbursement source.

In Missoula, we also provide a unique school-based Flagship Program. Learn more here.